Finding the Best Prices Online

Next time you are shopping at an actual brick and mortar store or to your local big box store, you can still find discount offers everywhere at any time. Of course, they rotate these discounted items based on season, current supply and demand, sales strategy of the vendors and brands and marketing campaigns. The point is, suppliers and distributors such as Walmart and Target for example, or even your local and regional store use these discounting strategies to attract you to come and shop in their store in hopes that you will find other items that you may need or want at the time of your visit so you can spend more as you walk around their store.

But online stores are showing tremendous impact in not only competitive pricing but the ability or opportunity for your eyes to see attractive displays around an actual physical store. Even though this is the case, it does not stop online stores in providing discounts and advertise their current offer. And as you probably noticed, if you are an online shopper yourself, that online stores do place ads on their websites at strategic places to catch your eye into clicking their ad and bring you right where you can add the items into your shopping cart with ease.
Overall, they deploy the same marketing tactics whether you are shopping in a physical store or online. But is there a way to compare prices or find the best deal online? Here are a few tips on how to do them.

1. Shop at multiple sites – With the convenience of browsing the internet in the comfort of your own home, it will only take a minute or two to find the best pricing. Open multiple browser windows and add the items to your cart and see which online store offer the best offer. Caution: most online stores offer free shipping if your total order is over the minimum limit. Which brings us to point number 2.

2. Consolidate your shopping – Yes, there may be hot deals or hot items that you just have to have, but realize that if you plan in consolidating your shopping, you can also save time and you can build up the minimum order amount to save on shipping.

3. Membership – If the membership fee justifies the amount of money you will save then, by all means, sign up for membership. Amazon Prime is expensive but the entire point of it is that your purchases will have to revolve around their ecosystem. But if you hate that idea, there are plenty of other online shops that offer really good pricing without the membership.

4. Coupons – It doesn’t hurt to check for online coupon offers. There are many third-party sites that manufacturers and service providers use to offer discount coupons. But to make things easier, if you are using Google Chrome browser, you can install the Honey extension that automatically scans any coupon available online when you reach the check out page of the store.

5. China source – If you frequent any of the big box store or most products for that matter, look at the item and see where they originate. China. Well, instead of paying the middleman, why not go straight to the source. A good place is eBay. There are many eBay sellers from China. They may charge for shipping but look at the final price. But it requires a little bit of patience because it may take up to 2 weeks before you get your item. As long as you’re not purchasing Branded items, then you can sleep well at night knowing that you did not violate any trademark infringement.

If you have your online store, you can take advantage of these strategies to attract customers. Same with Amazon, eBay or Esty sellers as well. is a SEO company who can help you get your site to page 1 of search engines. You can visit their dribbble page at

So, there you have it. Five easy ways to save a few bucks shopping online. Just because you are online, don’t get the idea that you are getting the best price.

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