Request for Passport

New passport applications can be applied 1-6 months before the validity period of the passport used up
Bring the passport to be replaced, an identity card (ID) or SIM and a Green Card.
Fill in the Perdim – 14 Form (in green) and the statement form.
The forms are equipped with 4 (four) colored photo studio sheets, with a red background with faces facing straight ahead and neatly dressed. Each of them is 3 sheets with a size of 2×2 inches and 1 sheet measuring 1×1.5 inches.
For those who are first changing or extending their passport at the Indonesian Consulate General, they must attach a copy:
Identity Card and Visa Status in the US
Birth certificate
Marriage Certificate (for citizens who are married)
Change of Name Letter / Deed (for those who have changed names)

II. Application for Missing Passport (required to be present for interview)

Passport applications resulting from loss must be completed with the following documents:

Identity documents that prove citizenship as citizens of the Republic of Indonesia.
Photocopy of lost passport.
Letter of statement regarding statement of loss of passport from the nearest police.
Equipped with provisions for passport application as stated above (No. I. Passport Application)


Money Order addressed to (payable to): Indonesian Consulate General – Los Angeles

New passport 48 p. … $ 22.00;
Fine …… $ 44.00;
Mail …… 1x $ 15.00;
Legalization …… $ 20.00.

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